TOBE is a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of nozzles and accessories for the spraying of industrial liquids,air and airliquid mixtures.
The markets we provide for are the iron-steel industry, stripping, car washing, etc.
Besides de European market, we also export to the USA and Mercosur.

Since we are the manufactures of our own products, we have the ability to adapt customers necessities so that make us different from the rest of the distributors. In this way, we can supply products in different materials, quantities, dimensions and connections.

We can supply and test sprinklers of different flows, pressures and shade them in different shapes for spraying:
full cones nozzles, flat spray nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, fine spray nozzles, square, oval. .. AII that, depending on the customer necessity.
We are able to produce practically any kind of nozzle and accesorize, from the ordinary one in the market to any special one, with a plan or drawing, according to a sample or with its working condition.

We offer the ability to produce sets in shorts periods of time, from 8 to 30 days, depending on the quantity and the complexity of the product.
And as a distinguising service, we make emergency manufacturing service so the customers company do no need to stop.

The company is registered according to ISO 9001 :2008

The manufacturing machinery is CNC: lathe and mechanised centers. AII the products are tested in our test bank which is under electrical control where all the information is stored. This informations is available for the Customerif it is needed.

Bellow, we introduce the catalogue of the most important products of the company. We are always open to considerate new products, special or any other kind of nozzle or accesorize that it may not be included in this







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